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Review On My Plate- Mis(s) Adventures of a Sales Girl by Aashisha Chakraborty

Mis(s) Adventures of a Sales Girl is a terrific, fun-filled, and compelling story. Loosely based on author’s first hand experience in the telecommunication sector, it is a must read for all ages. The dialogues are crisp and to the point. The characters are very believable. The nicknames like The Dragon, Komado dragon, Pretty Awful are hilarious. Overall, it is a unique blend of humour and drama, and the reader doesn’t gets bored in even a single chapter. The author’s linguistic style is super impressive, and something an aspiring author can look forward to. The scene at the Pondy beach where Ena is riding the bike and following Pavan and Leela is the best described scene of the story, and was the highlight of the book for me. 

The twist was something I didn’t see coming, and has been introduced in a sober fashion, not making it melodramatic, something I liked. 

To conclude, reading this book will certainly not be a misadventure, and guarantees to turn out to be a full paisa and time wasool.


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